Cara Delevinge recently told the world that she’s “not doing fashion work anymore,” but not before showing some leg for the latest Yves Saint Lauren Beauty campaign. Showing off the brand’s new Rouge pur Couture lipstick, the reformed model still knows how to pout. Interestingly, her hairstyle is the latest in a long line of high fashion images featuring long, windswept, devil-may-care hair. Once fall hits, this look will become the hot trend. Learn how to style it in the notes.

Step: Towel-dry hair. Apply one pump of styling whip and rough dry with dryer and hands, tossing hair around while keeping it close to the scalp (don’t lift the roots up too much). Stop when close to dry. Using the outside arch of eyebrow as a guide, create a deep parting on your favorite side.

Step: Liberally apply ReFresh dry conditioner on mid-lengths and ends. Now using a paddle brush, blow-dry the top and sides, using the brush to maintain the low-volume, head-hugging curvature.

Step: Pump in some wave mist and tousle strands indiscriminately, encouraging it to swoop and swish, tumble, swing, and flyaway.

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