We love this sexy look from Cara Delevingne; the color and style is perfect for anyone who enjoys feeling like a bombshell. With a center-part and height at the crown, there’s influence from the teased styles of the sixties and seventies, but the rumpled, rolled-out-of-bed finish is all about the shabby chic of the modern girl about town. What really sets the look apart is the color. A dirty, golden sandy blonde, it makes an amazing match to Cara’s creamy complexion, while simultaneously striking a remarkable contrast to her piercing blue eyes. With the advent of dry shampoo, messy long styles like this are easy to create at home; click for tips. . .

Step: This cut is a classic face-framing long heavy layer shape with center-part. For reference, show this picture to your stylist. For color, ask your colorist for a sandy blonde that looks just a little dirty. If hair is naturally light, or has been lightened already, it’s just a matter of getting the right tone of blonde; if hair is darker, your colorist will need to pre-lighten your hair first.

Step: The gritty, lived-in feel of this style is best created a day or two after shampooing. With hair dry and unwashed, generously apply refinish dry shampoo. Shake out and tousle with fingers.

Step: Use a comb to make a center-part slightly off of center so as not to split face right down the middle and back-brush the sections around the crown for extra height. Mist healing oil over the finished style for scintillating gloss and shine.

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