High ponies are normally kept sleek with lots of shine. The look is formal, sophisticated, dramatic, but also a bit stuffy, and not really what one would want to wear on a summer’s day. Out and about in London, Cara Delevingne showed a better way to wear the high pony for the everyday. Loosely messy with carefree flyaways and a lived-in matte texture, the look retains the main benefit of high-flying tails –– elevation for cheekbones, chin, lips and eyes –– while creating a youthful street style made for fashionable urbanites. Best of all it’s easy to achieve. Click notes for tips.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp and spritz generously with set and style spray. Blow-dry hair in hands; lift hair of the roots, toss, twist and shake as you dry, to encourage natural body and texture.

Step: Loosely gather hair on or just above the occipital bone. Sweep hair into a pony. In lieu of elastic, separate a one-inch hair strand from the pony and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to secure. This more natural, organic way to fix a pony is a fashionable way to finish the style.

Step: Lightly mist hair with refinish dry shampoo. Rub open face of your palm along the scalp to loosen and create the casual flyaways that will keep the look lived-in. Spray refinish into the body too, adding body and texture.

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