The word on the street is caramel ombre. Graduating color from dark to light is the hottest ticket in modern creative coloring, and rich, dark tones fading to caramel is probably the most desirable way to shade it. With a sensational melting effect, it has become a consumer-friendly technique, and is especially effective when you want to grow out existing highlights, yet retain a marvelous style. Emily Blunt’s version looks earthy and organic, whilst creating a chic and stylish face-frame.

Step: Ombre can be created in two inventive ways: One, color blocking; two, freehand hair painting. Whichever way your stylist goes, make sure you go from a lustrous, rich dark brown at the root, to tasty caramel on the ends.

Step: Apply styling whip roots to ends of damp hair. 

Step: Rough dry hair by tossing it around with hands as your blowdry.

Step: Mist thermal protector into the ombre-colored pieces. Randomly curl sections of this hair with curling iron to create a tousled, textured look.

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