Our previous post centered on Twiggy, and how she changed her life –– and the world –– with a new kind of cropped hair cut. Since, she’s had many imitators. But few have taken the snip as successfully as Carey Mulligan. Since going short, she has showed her style sense by experimenting with different ways to wear a crop. Few are better than this wispy and light, playful look. Perfectly imperfect, it is full of elfin charm, and the impish feel of a rogue girl on the go.

Step: Short hair for girls should never look crispy. Style with soft hold products that are playful and versatile.

Step: Use hair creme to obtain a similar look to this one. Push through damp hair and finger-style into shape.

Step: Like Carey, get creative by switching up day to day. Use texture paste for mussed up looks. Use cream wax for a low-glow, matte-finish. Use hair gel to slick it back. Use pomade for control and shine.

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