In a dramatic change-up to the signature flaxen locks sported for The Great Gatsby, and the ensuing promotional tour, Carey Mulligan debuted rich, espresso brown strands for the NYC premiere of Inside Llewyn Davis at the 51st New York Film Festival. A more natural fit for her eye color and complexion, it’s also perfectly seasonal: Darker in fall/winter, lighter in spring/summer is an easy and effective way to keep your look up to date. For our tips on transitioning to a darker hue this fall, click style notes.

Step: Going from light to dark may take two or three visits to the salon. Consult with your colorist about your best and most cost effective options.

Step: Try to pair your hair color with your eye color, favorite makeup palettes, complexion and wardrobe. Pick complementary colors and hair tone will always look good.

Step: To preserve shine and luster of applied hair colors, use color save shampoo and conditioner regularly, and switch to whipped treatment for a weekend treat.

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