No doubt aware of the visual feast that Baz Luhman’s 3D adaptation of The Great Gatsby surely must be, Carey Mulligan cleverly chose a flawlessly minimal look for the New York premiere. A strapless dress, barely there makeup, one (scintillating earrings) accessory, and off-the-face hair –– it is a wonderful way for us to see the naked beauty of an English rose. Swept into the simplest chignon bun at the nape, her hair is all pushed back, yet the texture is kept fuzzy and disheveled rather than slick. It’s another smart choice. With such a stripped down aesthetic, too much sleekness would be severe; this way, Carey is chic yet playful. Want to steal the artful hairstyle? Get our tips to fuzzy texture and chignon buns in the style notes.


Step: Towel-dry hair. Apply layers of primp working spray. Blowdry with hands. Push hair towards the back and tousle the texture by scrunching and twisting as you dry.

Step: Once dry, use a pea-size of styling creme through the top. Rake through hair with fingers and continue to dishevel the texture as you do.

Step: Gather hair at the nape. Pull into a ponytail; then twist the ponytail into a chignon bun. Use bobby pins to secure.

Step: Pump a few layers of refinish dry shampoo through the top for a gritty finish to the texture.

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