A champion of short hairstyles, English rose, Carey Mulligan, has even found a way to make an impromptu, creative updo out of her iconic crop cut. By artfully twisting her hair, then brushing it back, she has manufactured a textured, off-the face aesthetic that works for a special occasion, or for sauntering down city streets.

Step: Mist damp hair liberally with set and style spray.

Step: Take one-inch sections of hair and wind around hands, creating little twists. After each twist is made, pin it in. Repeat all through the top and sides.

Step: Allow to air dry. Release twists. Pulse refinish dry shampoo into hair.

Step: Gently push or brush hair back. Be careful not to break the twists. Create a disheveled, textured, away-from-the-face look. Use pins if required.

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