Dancing queen Julianne Hough took inspiration from the original jazz-jiving flappers for her latest hairstyle. A modern version of finger-waves, the style boasts an asymmetrical, short-to-long shape, a swooshing side-part adorned with subtle and shiny waves, and contemporary, undone ends. For anyone with mid-length locks in need of a touch of Daisy Buchanan’s old-world glamor, this is a roaring interpretation of the signature style of the 1920s. To learn to create it at home, click style notes.

Step 1: Mist damp hair with protective thickening lotion and shine luxe oil. Make a deep side-part and sleek the short side of the part behind the ear, tucking it in, nice and neat.
Step 2: Through the top and opposite side, use a curling iron to curl hair and use pin-curl clips to pin each curl to head. Mist with primp working spray and allow to cool.
Step 3: Release pin-curl clips and brush out the pin-set, creating a sweeping fringe and tumbling, cascades of romantic ‘C’ shaped texture. Mist finished style with healing oil for frizz control, gloss and shine.
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