Who doesn’t adore a ponytail. The gateway to all updos, great for day or night, versatile and easy to do, ponytails offer all kinds of styling options. You can wear them high for attention-grabbing drama, you can wear them low for sophistication and class, you can wear them sleek or disheveled, you can put them on the side to be super-trendy, and, like Lauren Conrad (see style notes), you can even dip-dye the ends to create a two or more tone pony. For inspirational celebrity ponytail images, and tips on creating perfect ponytails, click style notes.  

Please find more celebrity images below these simple styling steps…

Step: To wear a ponytail you need length to your shoulders at least.

Step: We recommend a covered elastic band or, even better, a bungee band. These have hooks on either side that are great for holding your ponytail in place.

Step: The key to a great ponytail is in the preparation. It’s not necessary to wash hair beforehand. Slighter dirty hair is usually better because the hair is rougher, which in turns helps pins and grips hold tight. So use dry shampoo to keep hair clean, while adding the perfect texture for ponytails.

Step: Use your hands or a brush to gather hair into the ponytail you desire. Now pull through your band or cord, and hook and wrap it around the base, nice and tight. When you run out of cord simply hook the cord into the base of your pony to complete your ponytail.

Step: Remember, whenever you create a ponytail, the tightness at the nape can make or break the look. This area has looser skin, therefore, it’s important to keep your head upright when affixing your ponytail. If your head is forward or tucked down when you secure, as soon as you lift your head this area will become baggy, loose and amateur. A simple precaution: hold your chin up.




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