emma watson

In-between campaigning for gender equality, Emma Watson loves to get dolled up like a princess. Her dutiful stylists did her proud for this shot, featured in Vogue UK’s September issue. The warm reddish brown has homespun appeal that feels perfect for fall, and for Emma’s eye color and freckly complexion, while her lengthly locks are beautifully and fashionably styled. The deep side-part creates drama and encourages your eyes to drift across hers, while the low-volume, head-hugging styling blends imperfect waves and flyways for windswept allure, like a mermaid rising from the sea. In the notes, learn how to put together a similar style.

Step: For the hair color, ask your colorist about transitioning to reddish brown tones; consult on eye color, complexion, makeup palette, and wardrobe to ensure you find an autumnal tone that complements your style.

Step: For styling, towel-dry washed hair. Apply one pump of cream whip and gently comb hair through to remove tangles. Rough dry with dryer and hands, tossing hair around while keeping it close to the scalp (don’t lift the roots up too much). Stop when close to dry. Using the outside arch of eyebrow as a guide, create a deep parting on your favorite side.

Step: Liberally apply ReFresh dry conditioner on mid-lengths and ends. Now using a paddle brush, blow-dry the top and sides, using the brush to maintain the low-volume, head-hugging curvature.

Step: On both sides, tuck (and pin if necessary) hair behind ears imperfectly while leaving some strands artfully out of the tuck, making sultry flyways.


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