Looking for something for the weekend? Anyone with mid-length to long locks can easily recreate this look from Sarah Hyland, worn at the Grammy’s. A teased and tousled updo with loose, deconstructed texture, it’s a great way to elevate features like cheekbones and chin, lips and eyes. While retaining a feeling of casual indifference, it’s an elegant nighttime style, perfect for parties.  It’s easy to do too; for our tips, click style notes.

Step 1: Towel-dry hair to damp and apply a mixture of styling cream and curl enhancer to hair, working from roots to ends. Blowdry hair in hands, tossing around to encourage texture

Step 2: Once dry, pulse in layers of refinish dry shampoo to increase volume with gritty texture. Brush hair back, teasing the top.

Step 3: Tie into a lose bun or twist in the back, leaving pieces of hair out for an undone feel. Mist with primp for hold and shine.

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