A few years back Karlie Kloss debuted a fun and flirty bob that sent women and girls into a frenzy of shoulder-grazing looks, from tousled to curly to asymmetric, textured and messy. In these modern times of easy-going gritty chic, the classic blunt bob was conspicuous by its absence. Then this year’s the Met Gala bestowed us with Bella Hadid’s freshly cut blunt bob in dark chocolate tones, which she has continued to wear all throughout spring, including this image from last week’s CFDA Fashion Awards. Is this sparking a new era of classic one length bobs in sensual singular colors?
As followers of fashion and beauty, we know that new trends –– other than beach waves –– don’t often take off in the summer. Everyone is too busy frolicking in the sand, getting tan, and looking and feeling good to care too much about which way their hairstyle blows. But by fall, we’ll be thinking about getting back to pulled together look. By then, the impact of Bella bob will be keenly felt, and a new season of polished and sleek styles is set to begin
Here’s a few tips for when you get yours.

1. Length is important for a classic one-length bob. It can fall anywhere between just short of the chin or onto the nape of the neck, but no shorter or longer. The classic shape should be perfectly even all the way around, creating a smooth yet swingy surface.

2. A smooth surface with no layering is essential, but thicker textures may need some texturizing through the ends to prevent a stacked, triangular effect. The edge of a classic bob should appear crisp, smooth, tailored.

3. As Bella has done, a bang is a great way to customize the bob and can be any length, but should fall parallel to the overall length for a classic look. It’s a great way to put the spotlight on your eyes, which, after-all, are the windows to your soul.

4. Style a classic bob by misting with Set and Style Spray all over and dabbing ends with a few drops of SHINE LUXE oil to calm flyaway and add scintillating shine. Wrap-dry with a flat brush until all moisture is gone.

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