Fashion Gone Rogue

Fashion Gone Rogue

After her recent Vogue cover and L’Oreal contract, actress Elle Fanning scores another win with this fabulous ‘do. Pairing a pillowy soft blonde with a layered and feathered center-part, the style hints at the 70s, yet feels perfectly modern and on trend. Learn how you get steal this look for the summer in the notes.

Step: For the cut, ask your stylist for a clavicle-grazing cut, layered from the front. Explain that you want to wear a center-part and the style should have lots of freedom and movement.

Step: For the color, ask for light golden blonde highlights. If your hair is naturally dark, you will need to bleach and then tone to blonde; depending on your natural color, it make take two salon visits to get the perfect, soft golden blonde.

Step: For upkeep, use color save shampoo and conditioner to preserve the blonde tone. For styling, cocktail styling whip and volume foam and apply liberally through damp hair for its of body, softness, shine and luster. Blow-dry loosely in hands, tossing hair away from the face on both sides until almost dry. Make a center-part and finish blowdrying by using hands to push hair loosely into shape. Mist Glint Texture & Shine Spray over the finished style for extra sparkle.

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