Joan Smalls, resident Latina model and brunette bombshell, traded in her usual dark sleek style for touseled platinum waves.  You know what they say, once you go platinum you never go back. Do you dare to take the platinum plunge like miss Smalls?

If you do decide to go for the rooted platinum look, ask your colorist to lift your base by one shade so the new growth transition is more gradual. And if you want the vibe but have a naturally light color, Gina Arrojo, Top Stylist at ARROJO TriBeCa in NYC suggests having your colorist darken your base, then add highlights. Want to take it a step further,  Arrojo says to ask for a “root shadow” glaze, which will add natural-looking depth and variation.

It’s that easy! What are you waiting for? Get your blonde on!

Check out Joan Small’s full shoot featured in Narcisse Magazine below.

Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine17 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine16 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine15 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine14 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine12 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine11 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine10 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine08 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine09 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine07 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine06 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine05 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine04  Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine01 Joan-Smalls-Blonde-Hair-Narcisse-Magazine02

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