Instagram @taylorswift

Instagram @taylorswift

Rising from the ashes while forever playing into narratives she doesn’t want to be included in (eye roll), Taylor Swift has released the first single off her highly anticipated 6th album, along with her new album cover art work.

No matter if you love, hate, love to hate, or hate to love Taylor Swift- there’s no doubt that her beauty looks are fire.

We’ve been seeing a lot of this slicked back wet look lately. From the likes of Gigi Hadid to Kendall Jenner, it’s no wonder this style has taken off.

Here’s how to get the look at home!

Step 1: apply curl enhancer to damp hair & comb through. Gently cup and squeeze curls from tip to root.

Step 2: Rake pomade through the crown of your head with your fingers to create the slicked back look. If you don’t have pomade, you can also use hair gel.

Step 3: Then run gel throughout the entirety of your hair to keep the wet look prominent throughout. You can style your hair to one side like Swift or straight through the back, depending on your preference (and outfit for the day).

Step 4: Finish with a round of scrunching if you’re looking for more curl and finish with a bit of hairspray.

If you try this at home, tag us in your photos for a chance to be featured on the blog!


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