Attending the premiere of Camp X-Ray at The Crosby Hotel, New York, Kristen Stewart gave us the perfect chance to take a close up look at her new ‘do. In short, the style is a winner. A cropped, choppy and shaggy shape with textured layers all through the top, sides, front and back the strong side part gives an asymmetrical feel and, with the parting sweeping across the face, it’s a great style for drawing attention to eyes. Hollywood’s paragon of virtue also nailed the color. A rich brown base in mocha tones is ramped up a notch with subtle hues of red peaking through, which is both on trend and seasonally appropriate. Learn about styling similar shapes in the notes.


Step: Perhaps counter-intuitively, shorter styles actually increase the potential for creative styling. You can play with the shape, the texture, the bang placement, the overall aesthetic direction: Punk, classic, sexy, urbane, wild-child, mod, rocker, or whatever else takes your fancy.


Step: For styling similar to Kristen, apply texture paste to towel-dried hair, rough dry with a dryer, make a side-part, and finish by finger-styling with texture and separation. Then add a few pulses of ReFINISH dry shampoo to increase texture, volume, and the matte effect.


Step: Try hair gel if you prefer to slick it back. Use hair creme for languid slept-in looks. Blow dry with set and style spray to blow dry with shine and playful hold.


Hair Blog 89

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