The Spring ’18 Céline resort collection features some of our favorite staples: lingerie, fur, and a plethora of beige.

 Pheobe Philo, the British Designer, intuitively channels feelings into her designs. And this season, she spoke to Vogue about her inspiration for the line. “I wanted to be optimistic. It was just this sense of joy and life force. It felt like a celebration. I thought, If there’s anything to say at the moment, let it be with love and let it be joyful.”

Philo explains, “The advertisements of the late ’70s and early ’80s had pleated skirts and big hairdos. And the other thing was that they were quite a lot older and proud in their feeling about clothes.” She paused. “So I started looking at the designers of the early ’80s, pre-AIDS. I can almost not imagine what it felt like, to have that joyousness and freedom.”

It seems trench coats and earth-tones make Philo happiest. Take a look at all of the looks below.

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All photos courtesy of Vogue.

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