The trend started two-plus years ago, yet classically feminine long layer cuts with bombshell center-partings and dark to light color graduations are still fashionable, flirty and fun. Here, the brown roots, dirty blonde mid-lengths, and honeycombed ends blend for an ombre with a sexy, lived-in feeling. The deconstructed wavy texture helps to make this style special, but remember that anyone can put texture on the ends with playful hair scrunching, or a few turns of an iron or wand. For tips, click style notes.

Step: Combine styling whip and volume foam and apply roots to ends of damp, towel dried hair.

Step: Hand dry hair loose and carefree.  Lift it off the root, toss it from side to side and up and down, while applying heat. Create movement and texture.

Step: As hair dries, create a center-part with comb.

Step: Mist protective thickening lotion lightly over the bottom half of the hair shaft. Do this on both side sections, where the waves will be.

Step: Wrap these strands around curling iron or wand. Hold for a few seconds; release. Do both sides. Create kicks and flips in a flowing style. Once done, use hands to tousle the shape. If hair already has natural wave, forgo the curling iron and simply use hands to twist and scrunch hair, whilst applying heat in a downward direction.

Step: Use hands to gently push hair into desired shape. Add glister with a light film of shine spray spritzed over the hair’s top surface.


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