hair close to face

Curtain bangs, finger waves, and deep side partings all have one thing in common: they bring hair onto the face, creating a close frame around the features. Hair worn against the skin creates a feeling of intimacy and sensuality. Create contouring, softness or emphasis with styles that turn your mane into decorative trim. Learn more in the notes. –Laura Martin

To soften features create a diffused line that has some space. This could be a textured bang or a few wisps pulled loose from an updo.

To create emphasis create a strong direction like a deep side part or a defined point that will draw the attention to a single point.

To contour use deep waves worn close to the face. The ridges and hollows will make features look stronger and emphasize angles.


Special thanks to Laura Martin for this post. Laura is a professional hair stylist, former senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, and a creative non-fiction MFA student at Georgia College, Milledgeville, GA. Follow her inspirations on twitter.

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