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So what exactly is co-cleansing?


Co-cleansing is a term used to describe washing your hair with conditioner as opposed to shampoo, aka “conditioner-only washing.” Many people, especially those with curly hair, prefer co-cleansing to traditional cleansing because it’s a gentler method that doesn’t strip hair of its natural oils.


Our favorite cleansing conditioner, Rogue Co-cleanse was featured in American Salon. Rogue refreshes curls without causing dryness while a mix of chamomile and vitamin E keeps curls healthy.
American Salon answers all your co-cleansing questions:


Q: How are cleansing conditioners effective at removing buildup and oil?
A: Because curly hair has less moisture than straight hair, the oil from the scalp doesn’t move down the strands as much. Cleansing conditioners use natural oils to whisk away that buildup and oil at the scalp, while simultaneously moisturizing the drier ends of their hair. Cleansing conditioners work similarly to oil-based face cleansers and makeup removers. The product uses an oil emulsion to provide the gentlest form of cleansing.


Q: What makes a good cleansing conditioner?
A: It’s important to look for extra-hydrating gentle ingredients. Curls have suppleness and ounce after using the product. Cleansing conditioners are also formulated with vegetable proteins and other natural oils, leaving curls shiny, smooth, soft, and frizz-free.


Q: How often should I use a cleansing conditioner?
A: It all depends on how thick or thin the hair is, that what determines how often they should use it. Usually, curly hair co-cleanses once or twice a week but I recommend occasionally alternating back to a traditional shampoo and conditioner for a deeper cleanse.
See the full article on the American Salon digital edition
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