Image: Balmain Hair Couture Courtesy

Coco Rocha is the star of the new Balmain Hair Couture campaign. The Canadian model became the face –– and hair –– of the brand’s ‘Icons’ line. Lensed by An Le in NYC, the images reflect a big city girl on the go as Gotham stands in her wake. What we love is the transformation of hair color; normally a brunette, Coca became platinum blonde bombshell for this campaign as an illustration of the power of reinvention. If platinum blonde is a look you’ve always dreamed about, we say break your boundaries and go for it. But before you do, discover the five big things you should know about bleaching to blonde.  

1. There will be damage. Your stylist can minimize the stress by lifting hair slowly over several visits, but you will lose some moisture and elasticity. But don’t panic, this is why we have conditioning treatments.

2. It won’t happen in one sitting. Unless you happen to be a natural blonde who has never dyed her hair before, getting the perfect shade of platinum takes time. Try to enjoy the in-between stages. You should have your perfect shade within 2-3 visits to the salon depending on your color history.

3. Your hair will be straighter. The lightening process changes the bonds in your hair, in a way that is similar to a chemical straightener. Waves or curls will be looser, which could be a good thing. The process will soften cowlicks too!

4. You’ll have more volume. The chemical process of lightening roughs up your cuticles a bit, creating lift at the roots. Your hair will be fuller and fluffier, even if you let it air dry!

5. You’ll become best friends with your colorist. Platinum hair requires lots of upkeep: root touch-ups, toning, conditioning treatments. Make sure you have a colorist that you trust and enjoy spending time with.



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