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Halloween is a super fun holiday but it is also notoriously bad for your hair color. Putting the finishing touches on a costume can result in you running to your colorist on November 1st. So how can you avoid these hair disasters and still have the perfect ‘do to match your costume? Click the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

If you are blonde…
Sorry to say this but you need to get a wig unless you are just applying just some spray glitter. All blonde – artificial and natural – has the serious potential to stain. If you are still set on changing up your shade for your trick-or-treating chalking could be an option. Make sure to not over apply and to use pastel shades for the most temporary effect.


Tips for spray…
Halloween hairsprays are temporary on healthy hair; they are not temporary on compromised/damaged hair. So remember these simple rules:
-Apply a thin layer of primp working spray before applying the color spray to act as a light barrier.
-Colors in the blue family stain the most and will last the longest.
-Always apply to dry hair.
-Wash hair before going to bed. The longer it stays on your hair the better the chance of it staining, plus if you sleep in it, it will ruin your sheets.
Using Manic Panic/Special FX…
These styles of semi-permanent colors are great for ultra bright and huge changes, but they come with some commitment. For a subtle effect that won’t last too long mix the color with conditioner so the pigment isn’t at full strength. Expect to sport your haunting hue for a couple of weeks.

By Kelly Rowe. A Graduate of ARROJO Cosmetology School, Kelly is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributor to Style Noted.


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