Long, strong, thick, lush and bouncy the Duchess of Cambridge really does have a royal mane. Her layers always hit the cheekbones, her bangs always sweep over the eye, and her hair always looks lustrous and full of shine. But what gives it the splendiferous regal touch is the bouncy cascading curves on the ends. Nothing like beach waves, which tumble all through the length and have a gritty bohemian feeling, this is a rich, lavish and sophisticated style for plush parties on the lawn. To learn how to create a crowning glory that is fit-for-a queen, click style notes.


Step: Cleanse hair and towel dry to damp. Working from roots to ends, apply generous helpings of volume foam.

Step: Flip head upside down, take the nozzle off your dryer, and blow dry from the roots up while using fingers to tousle and lift the root areas. Once hair is three-quarters dry, flip hair back up and dry (with nozzle back on) with a big boar bristle round brush; the bristles aid smoothness and shine and the roundness of the brush encourages a curvy shape.

Step: Mist final 4-5 inches of the lengths of the hair with protective thickening lotion and use a curling wand to make pin curls on the ends. Pin these curls to scalp, mist lightly with primp working spray and allow to cool.

Step: Once cool, unclip and shake out with fingers, creating beautiful bouncy curves on the end of a full and lustrous style.

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