Who wouldn’t love a style like this? It’s textured, yet soft and breezy with a lived-in quality. Whether your hair is long or short, straight, wavy or curly you can create a similar look with an easy blow-dry technique. Click through for our how to. 

1. Shampoo & condition with your faves. For colored hair, we recommend color save shampoo & conditioner. Towel-dry.

2. On damp hair, add a handful of Cream Whip, more if hair is long. Comb through for even product distribution.

3. Blow-dry hair using hands till 80% dry while tossing hair from side to side to encourage texture. Finish blow-dry by working from roots to ends with a blow-dryer and a paddle brush, making hair pretty straight, without worrying about it being too perfect, for a breezy fall style.

 PSST: is offering Cream Whip & shipping complimentary when you spend $50+ in their online store. (Available till 11.21.16) 

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