In the 1920s, when bobs first came into style, the cut was associated with the controversial flapper movement. Still wanting to be fashionable, less daring ladies wore their hair waved and pinned into head hugging shapes. Today, we know bobs are here to stay, but if you want the look without the commitment, this coif is a beautiful way to fake a shorter style. Get your own flapper inspired look in a few easy steps….

Step: Mist hair with thermal protector and curl in large sections using a mid-sized curling iron. Allow hair to cool and brush through gently to create soft waves.

Step: At the nape, pin hair flat with a row of crisscrossed bobby pins leaving the front sections loose. Wrap the ends up and over creating a small roll and secure into the row of pins.

Step: Sculpt the hair around the temples into defined waves and pin to hold in place. Spray with holding spray to create style memory.

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