It started on the runways. At New York Fashion Week, there were several crimps –– but not as we knew them. These were no eighties-inspired corrugated waves; these were inventive ways to add texture or volume to a pony, bun or twist. Now the trend has moved to New York City Streets, and the style is less hot crimp mess, more add a hint of crimp to keep it cool. If you’re fearing the crimper, there’s no need. Like most trends, it’s back with a modern twist. With narrower, shallower ridges, today’s crimpers are more versatile and can be used for soft and tailored looks. Time to put crimping into your style arsenal with these easy style notes….

Step: Use styling whip or volume foam and apply from root to ends of dry hair.

Step: Quickly blowdry hair with paddle brush. Around the entire hairline, direct hair toward the top of your head.

Step: Take quarter-inch sections and begin crimping from roots to ends. Work from the back of the head to the front.

Step: For a tousled top-knot, pull the crimped hair to the top of the head and twist hair into a bun. Pin with bobby pins.

Step: Keep ponytails low-slung. Sweep hair back and add a dynamic creative edge by using a few strands of crimped hair in lieu of an elastic band. Wind it round the pony and tie like a band.

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