texture1Fine hair can be difficult to style. Short fine hair can be even harder. What makes it so difficult? Fine short hair can easily become overwhelmed by product and without the right styling it can fall flat, losing volume and shape, and leaving your hair looking lifeless. Click through to the notes for pictorial and written steps for a very quick and easy crimping styling trick to keep short and fine hair looking great. –– Kelly Rowe

Used at stage and runway shows like ARROJO Expo this simple styling for short hair can create volume, bounce, and interest with alternating textures.

Step: On dry hair, section out the top half of your hair and clip up. Take a small fine section and mist lightly at the root with holding spray. Using a fine crimper, crimp once only at the root and release. Comb out to soften. Do the same to a couple more random sections.

texture3 texture4texture5

Step: Separate the top half of your hair in half. Now do the same to that section. Continue this process till you are done. Remember to leave a small section of hair on the top covering everything as a veil.

texture6 texture7

Step: Pick random pieces throughout the ends to crimp without product, alternating between straight and crimped pieces to create interest.



Step: Rub the hair between your fingers to create fuzzy fluffy bits.

Step: Don’t spray with hair spray when done; fine hair can lose its airiness with hairspray. Set with hands at let it be.


Words and images by Kelly Rowe. Styling by Aziza Rasulova. Model: Robyn Stanley

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted 

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