Georgia May Jagger took a detour from London Fashion Week to attend ‘Minnie: Style Icon,’ an exhibition of images of the iconic Disney character. The hairstyle Georgia May wore was not only delightfully appropriate, it offers girls about town a unique, cute and quick way to wear the hair. Inspired by Minnie’s own ‘do the British model wears two swirling buns with her center-parted waves. In the notes, learn how to create this look at home.

Step: Apply generous helpings of styling whip through the hair.

Step: Rough dry with hands and a dryer: While drying, use hands to toss, scrunch, lift, swirl and tousle your hair till dry. This should give you a loose and casual natural texture. If you want a bit more of a defined wave, use a curling wand to create some artful ‘C’ shapes.

Step: Center-part hair just off of center so as to avoid splitting face right down the middle.

Step: Behind the occipital bone, gather two sections of hair, one on each side. Swirl this hair into soft, shapely buns and tie with elastic. Mist the buns with fierce firm hold hairspray to help them stay put.

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