Whenever there’s a racy Hollywood hit, the starring actress is always the talk of Tinsel Town; even if Jen and Angelina had mud wrestled down the red carpet, last night’s Oscars would still have been dominated by Dakota Johnson. Apart from squabbling with her date and mum Melanie Griffith over the importance of going to see BDSM-sex at the multiplex, she took the limelight with style and class. Wearing a gorgeous floor length red Saint Lauren gown, red pout, and understated pony she looked elegant and smokin’ hot. Steal Dakota’s style in the notes.

Step: With such a striking asymmetrical off the shoulder gown and dramatic lip, Dakota did well to keep her hair off the face; a bit of exposed skin around the shoulders is a sexy and alluring nighttime look –– a mass of hair tumbling over the shoulder would not have been nearly as pretty. Remember this tip for your next dress up occasion.

Step: You can always create a fringe of your own preference by separating a bang section and styling as desired; however, to really embrace Dakota’s fully fringed look, ask your stylist for deep-set, texturized bangs with face framing layers.

Step: For styling, towel-dry hair and spritz set and style spray into roots and apply a few drops of shine luxe oil from mid-lengths to ends. Blowdry with a paddle brush, keeping hair smooth and shiny.

Step: Once dry, pulse refinish dry shampoo into roots to amp texture and volume. Separate bangs and gather rest of the hair on the occipital bone. Secure with elastic. Take a fine strand of hair and wrap around the elastic, hiding it for a prettier, more detailed finish.

Step: Comb bangs straight down and mist with set and style spray. Blowdry gently, combing from side to side first, and then downwards, creating smoothness, balance, and textural separation. Perfect the finished placement with hands.

Step: Mist holding spray over the style for hold, flyaway defense, and shine.

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