Whenever the runways come around, so does the wet look hairstyle. On gangly, gaunt, waif-like girls the dripping wet look can be maddeningly sexy; the hair sparkles under the lights and the lens, adding drama and devilish indifference to the catwalk. But for the girl on the street, the wet look hairstyle appears a distant dream, the preserve of an elite cadre of chosen women. It doesn’t have to be that way. Just see the wet look as another way to wear the undone, lived-in hairstyle trend. For our tips, click notes.


Step: Start with clean, damp hair. Take a handful of hair gel and a few drops of shine luxe oil and apply to the wide teeth of comb. Using this comb, work the products through dripping wet hair.

Step: Sculpt into shape using the back of your comb. Make ‘S’ shapes on the scalp if you want head-hugging curvature, comb straight back for sleek looks, or comb down the sides for a tough girl attitude.

Step: Mist healing oil over the finish for added slip and sultriness.


Hair Blog 110

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