diane von furstenburg

Designer Diane von Furstenberg is known for a few things: being a former princess and party girl, popularizing the wrap dress, and her beautiful free flowing curls. Though she used to often straighten her locks, she embraced her natural wave after a photographer wet her hair and took pictures of her as it was drying. After seeing the shots, Diane realized that her curls were part of her identity and began wearing her hair in its true form. Decades later, the Journey of a Dress exhibit is celebrating Diane’s contribution to fashion and culture. Her cotton jersey wrap dress epitomized women’s independence and sexual liberation in the 1970s. And today her curls are inspiring women to love their natural waves and texture. Want to get a look as classic and as modern as Diane? Click through to style notes, you won’t even need a wrap dress, but we’re sure you’ll want one. –– Michelle Rotbart

Step 1: Apply four pumps volume foam and a dab of curl definer into damp hair. Rake through from roots to ends using fingers.

Step 2: Using paper towels to help soak up moisture begin to gently cup and squeeze curls from ends to roots. Repeat until hair 80% dry,

Step 3: Use a blow dryer and diffuser attachment to diffuse hair until completely dry. Spray in pulses of refinish at roots to add texture and gently tousle.

Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group.

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