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A lot of what we read has us shampooing according to our lifestyle, the color in our hair, or our styling habits, but have we ever thought about how we need to think about where we live as a factor? Depending on where you live can be one of the biggest factors on how often you should be shampooing. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

Dry and Desert Like, But Not Urban Areas

In these climates or regions of the country you want to keep shampooing to a minimum. With little to no humidity in the air it’s hard to keep strands from getting overly dry or full of static. Co-wash hair every other shampoo to remove dust and soften strands.


Dry and Desert Like, In Urban Areas

Urban areas create a lot more dirt and smog in the air but you will have the benefit of no humidity holding it in the air. Lightly co-wash hair every other day to remove dirt and dust but to keep hair from getting affected by the dry air.


Humid and Tropical Environments

With a lot of humidity comes a lot of moisture for your hair meaning you can shampoo more often. With humid climates there is a greater chance that you are using more hair product to control your mane so combined with sweat you will need to shampoo frequently. Don’t be worried, the environment supports hair health, just use a gentle and sulfate free cleansing system.


Dense City Living

Live in a very dense city like New York or LA? Then you know the air is thick with exhaust fumes, grease from restaurants, and the build up of dirt. It’s advisable that you are rinsing your hair almost every day. This doesn’t mean that you need to shampoo every day but a good rinse is a good idea. Removing dirt particles and dust often with just water won’t dry out your hair, plus it will give you a bit of time between each shampoo.



By Kelly Rowe. A Graduate of ARROJO Cosmetology School, Kelly is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributor to Style Noted.

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