Here’s fun! We don’t get to see German bombshell Claudia Schiffer hocking her wares so much any more so it’s nice to see her out and about. Returning as the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s fall-winter 2014 campaign, Claudia finds herself in an enchanted forest, part medieval, part fairytale, with a few gentlemen suitors thrown in. Colorful, bewitching, and with some great hairstyles and handbags, you can see the full spread in the style notes.

dolce-gabbana-2014-fall-winter-campaign4 dolce-gabbana-2014-fall-winter-campaign1 dolce-gabbana-2014-fall-winter-campaign7


dolce-gabbana-2014-fall-winter-campaign5 dolce-gabbana-2014-fall-winter-campaign6 dolce-gabbana-2014-fall-winter-campaign8 dolce-gabbana-2014-fall-winter-campaign2 dolce-gabbana-2014-fall-winter-campaign9

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