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The dry shampoo craze is anything but over. In fact, we’ve upped the ante and added another gem to the mix to ensure healthy hair — dry conditioner. We know that the last moments of summer are filled with constant activity, and with all the outdoor fun, who has time to wash their hair on the reg? With this duo,  Arrojo ReFinish Dry Shampoo ($27) + Arrojo ReFresh Dry Conditioner ($23) you won’t have to! Use individually or together and your locks will be left with the right balance of texture and shine all-in-one.

Pro Tip: Use in conjunction with ReFINISH dry shampoo. ReFRESH adds velvety softness, silk & shine from mid-lengths to ends, where ReFINISH adds volume and texture to the root areas and the crown.

Try Using ReFRESH Dry Shampoo For:

Soft Silky Flyaway Free Strands: We use conditioner to create soft, smooth and manageable hair. ReFRESH is a quick, easy way to condition whenever, wherever, without having to wet your hair, creating soft and natural, tangle and flyaway free styles.

Adding Bombshell to Blowouts: ReFRESH makes the blow-out worth it every time. After blow-drying in your usual fashion, spritz into mid-lengths and ends to instantly create a shiny, satiny finish with a velvety feel––and no extra weight or hold.
Easy Breezy Waves & Curls: A bonus benefit of ReFRESH: It’s also a heat protectant. If you want to make light and airy, soft and bouncy waves and curls just mist into mid-lengths and ends and use our curling wand to create cascading ‘C’ and ‘S’ shapes that tumble around the face frame. If you have natural texture, use hands in lieu of wand.
Sexy Second-Day Hair: Modern trends make the lived-in texture of second-day hair coveted and desirable. But the look is perfectly imperfect, not dry, deflated and sad. When you wake up and your hair won’t behave, apply through mids and ends for an impossibly quick and easy transformation to playful, soft and sexy strands.
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