Dry products are the it products right now. You are most likely familiar with dry shampoo, but dry conditioner is a newcomer to the scene and it’s just as good as dry shampoo, maybe even better. So what’s the difference and how exactly should you be using them? Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

Don’t try to over complicate things.

Think of what shampoo makes your hair feel like after you rinse it out: dry, “squeaky” clean, rough. Now think of what conditioner makes your hair feel like after you rinse it out: silky, tangle free, soft. Dry shampoo and conditioner work exactly the same way on dry hair. ReFINISH is for cleaning and grip ReFRESH is for shining and slip.

Matte vs Shine

Depending on the texture you want to achieve will determine the product you use. Want an edgy, urban, cool girl look? Pulse ReFINISH into your hair everywhere for a no shine matte and dry effect. Want a luxurious satiny, soft, reflective finish to your blowout? Spray on ReFRESH.

Style like a pro with dry products.

Dry shampoo and dry conditioner are the secret styling tools of the pros because they are weightless and can be layered in without sacrificing a style. You can’t do that with hairspray. Here’s the rules: use refinish for holding braids and getting lift, use dry conditioner to add silk finishes to bombshell blowouts and smooth flyaways in updos, without risk of them collapsing.

Everyday use.

When you aren’t using them to create styles, at their most basic point this is how you should use dry products everyday. Keep refinish at the root to absorb oils and give a freshly shampooed feeling between wet washing. Keep refresh on mid lengths and ends to bring moisture back into the strand and give a freshly styled look.

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted 

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