You know when you are aimlessly scrolling through the web and come across a photo that makes you stop and stare? That’s exactly what happened when I came across Creative Director & Lead Stylist at Verde Salon, Jenna Moore’s photo.

I spoke with Jenna about the process of creating this shoot and her vision behind it.

“My goal for this photo shoot was to find a way to showcase the talents of the staff at Verde while pulling inspiration from Verde’s eco-conscience mission,” says Jenna.  “I hoped this shoot would not only be a team building experience but a great boost for everyone involved. When choosing a theme, I wanted the five elements of life (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and in our case, Love) to be our subject matter and main influence, and we also wanted our photos to transcend through all four seasons. ”


They paired up with PA-based vintage clothing shop, Malena’s Boutique, for wardrobe styling since both parties share an eco-friendly mission. “The role of the clothing was to allow the shoot to transcend all four seasons,” says Jenna. “Malena personally curated individual pieces that beautifully transitioned our shoot from one season to the next.” They also partnered with their local florist, Savannah’s Garden, to supply gorgeous flower crowns with rich tones and textures to add to their natural theme. 

With a stunning 110+ acre New Jersey farm as their backdrop and acclaimed editorial photographer, Lauren Schwarz, whose work has been featured onThe Knot and Wedding Wire, behind the camera the team was ready to make the magic happen.

Utilizing ARROJO products, model prep started the day before the shoot. Rich hair colors incorporated the elements of life, from chocolate browns to golden strands of highlights to hues of denim blue.


Get the Look: Mary Elizabeth

  • Use ARROJO Shine Luxe Shampoo and conditioner to help her natural textured curls stay hydrated and keep the frizz at bay.
  • Spray Hydro Mist and apply the moisturizing curl cream, Frizz Control.
  • Apply each product using your hands like a wide tooth comb
  • Rework the curls by hand twisting the whole head and letting air-dry naturally.
  • Use PrIMP Working Spray to set the style.

Check out the full shoot below!


LSP_Verde2016-177LSP_Verde2016-185LSP_Verde2016-182   LSP_Verde2016-222 LSP_Verde2016-230 LSP_Verde2016-244 LSP_Verde2016-272 LSP_Verde2016-285 LSP_Verde2016-293 LSP_Verde2016-315 LSP_Verde2016-319 LSP_Verde2016-324

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