This eye-catching image comes from an ARROJO NYC collection that made waves across the hairdressing community in 2016. Blending trailblazing hair coloring techniques, razor cutting, inventive product usage, distorted and surreal visuals SUGAR CANDY recreates the psychedelic experience with chromatic artistry. Influenced by Keith Haring and the purveyors of the modern visual language, Creative Director Lina Arrojo uses the intensity of the colors of sugared candy to create an eclectic and stylish collection.
“This year’s Manux x Machina themed Met Gala confirmed that current trends are showing the connection between fashion and technology,” says Lina. “Meanwhile, there is a resurgence of psychedelia. This collection uses latest hairdressing technologies, like air brushed color, to pull these concepts together in swirling abstract patterns. These models are our own bionic babes.”
After the images were realized, illustrator Mallory Heyer added the colorful and carefully placed doodle-inspired artwork to enhance visual interest and communication while keeping close to the psychedelic inspiration of the collection.
Here’s how Lina styled this look: 
Prep wet hair with a mix of volume foam and styling whip. Blow-dry from roots to ends using the blow dryer and styling brush. Wrap hair back and forth to create flatness at the root area. Finish with fierce firm hold hairspray to create expansion through the lengths of the hair.
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