Sent to us by Adam Federico, Creative Director and Owner of AJF Sacramento, one of the West Coast’s top-rated salons, our latest editorial submission shows the simple, elegant, and classic beauty of a short hair cut. A side-swept pixie with lots of body and sultry texture, this is a perfect everyday look for the girl about town. As well as the image, Adam also sent in styling techniques and conceptual inspirations. To find out how Adam created this look, click style notes.

The idea for Brittney was to create a very clean natural look that is effortless in style. We tried to keep everything very simple and pure, keeping the focus of beauty on her as a person. Her make up application is kept clean and very wearable from day to evening. The hair was loosely blown dry by manipulating and wrapping it back and forth with my hand. The idea was to build as much natural body but for it to stay loose. We Utilized a cocktail of styling creme and texture paste to build support, body and definition within the blowdry. It was finished with a very small amount of defining cream to for movement pliability, and subtle sheen. –– Adam Federico 

Special Thanks to Adam Federico, Creative Director and Owner of AJF Sacramento, for this submission to Style Noted. 

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