Sent in by Tim Bricker, Owner and Master Stylist at B&B Cut & Color Studio, Princeton, NJ, the image above is part of a collection inspired by modern texture trends, bold hair colors, and tattoos. Using razor cutting to create soft diffusion of texture and hair painting to effect and intermix a variety of vibrant and fashionable tones, this is a vanguard street style for the girl about town. Learn how Tim created this style in the notes.

“The cut is a long layer shape, using the razor to encourage space, texture and movement in the model’s long, fine hair. Goldwell Elumen, which offer vivid tones with incredible light reflection, was used for the rainbow of colors. The model was pre-lighted and toned with Elumen kb@7 10ml kk@all 10 ml pk@all 3ml. The silver section was pre-lightened and toned with sv@10. For styling, I used styling creme as the volume and structure building foundation. I used shine luxe oil to add silk and sultriness along the mid-lengths and ends, and finished with refinish dry shampoo to amp up the texture and volume.” –– Tim Bricker   


Hair by Tim Bricker & Jillian Harer at B&B Cut & Color Studio

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