Kristin Sarzosa, stylist at the award-winning  Lounge Hair Studio, sent us this striking editorial image that plays up the timeless elegance, beauty and grace of of modern multi-textured styles. We love how the style blends the whimsical romance of artful, tumbling texture with a gritty, street-tough feeling. For Kristen’s personal and professional insight to shaping this style, click style notes.

I started my model’s look by doing a side-swept chain link braid using Primp hairspray for the workable hold I needed and also for the shine and to seal away any flyways. Then for the dual textureI was looking to create, I used refinish spray. I then took a large rounded section on top of her hair to create a feathery looking rolled bang. I used refinish spray on the ends and finger teased them. I finished with healing oil –– it’s an amazing glossing spray, adding sparkle to the finish. –– Kristen Sarzosa 


Special thanks to Kristin Sarzosa from Lounge Hair Studio for this submission. 

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