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As illustrated in the collage above, the headband –– though small, simple, and oft forgotten about –– is attractive, stylish, adds character, and suits and supports a range of looks. Headbands come in different forms, from fine and elegant to big and bejeweled. All can contribute to the image you portray, while accenting your best features. Take a closer look in the notes.

Top Left: Use a fine, delicately jeweled band to add sparkle to simple low buns with soft texture. Using cream whip for softness and shine, blow-dry hair loose, gather in the back, twist into a bun, and add your accessory.


Top Right: Use riibbon-like bands to support and add refinement to dramatic, high-flying styles like ponytails and bouffants. Use PrIMP to make moveable updos with shine, hold and texture then finish with an elegant accessory wrapped around.


Bottom Left: When wearing hair down, use a thicker band with a decorative piece; style hair parted to the same side and –– voila –– you’re created an asymmetrical face-frame with an accent perfectly placed to draws in any onlookers.


Bottom Right: This flirty, disheveled look adds instant sex appeal. Blow-dry hair with styling whip and a pea of texture paste, using hands to tousle. Backcomb to add height at the crown, gather into a loose twist, and add a cheekily small band to the top. Here and there, pull out a few strands to add roughed up allure.


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