An earthy and natural brunette, Emma Roberts’ latest makeover takes her from girl next door to too hot to trot. The two-part change incorporates a California girl flaxen tone and long and flowing real hair extensions, together creating more of a bombshell wow-factor for the ambitious young actress. After her new ‘do, Emma tweeted: “Blondes have more fun!” If you think she’s right, and want to board the train to extensions that say Hot Damn, click style notes for tips.

Step: The first step is to bleach and tone your natural hair to blonde. To copy  Emma’s look, ask your colorist for a classic golden blonde.

Step: Now you need to match your hair color to hair extensions. We recommend real hair extensions, not synthetic. Real hair looks better and you can use blow-dryers and hot-tools without fear of melting off your extensions.

Step: For styling, the key is to blend the extensions into the style so that it does not appear you have extensions at all. Easy, natural, flowing shapes are best. Use soft hold products like styling whip, shine luxe oil and hair creme to create naturally-textured shapes with freedom and movement.

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