Hair color can be an emotional topic. Blondes have more fun, brunettes are earthy and natural, redheads are a fiery breed like Kendra of the Ruffle House. Yet this color is so sublime, the appearance becomes so delicate and light that the look possesses ethereal, otherworldly qualities. Dreamy hue, divine waves, angelic bangs –– three steps to hairstyle heaven.

Step: Towel dry hair to damp. Blow dry bangs first. Use a tiny amount of Defrizz Serum and blowdry with comb, side to side first, and then straight down. This keeps them super smooth, straight, and manageable.

Step: For smoothness with control and soft texture, liberally apply Hair Creme and blowdry the top, sides and back, roots to ends, using Boar Bristle Round Brush.

Step: When approaching the bottom half of the sides, bends the brush in and out to create gentle waves, like in the picture.

Step: If this proves tricky or the waves fail to hold, use Straightening Iron and slide the iron down the hair shaft is an ‘S’ shape.

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