One thing that comes up a lot with salon clients: “My cut and color is so cute, I love it so, so much and I don’t want to change, but when I feel like doing something different, maybe create a quick transformation all for myself, I have no earthly idea what to do.”  What people often fail to realize is to go from plain to pretty, from boring to belle, all you need is the right accessory. This is our inspiration for this post –– let’s look at some accessories that can provide a wonderful accent to your style…

Headbands: With their casual form, they best for a day at the beach or shopping on Main Street. Alternatively, if wearing a headband to a flamboyant cocktail party tickles your fancy, lift up the humble headband by going for the (faux!) jeweled variety, one with pearls, sparkles, or glitter. But whatever you wear them for, use headbands to pull the hair back, keeping it away from the face, creating terrific style, all in a flash.

Headscarves: The have the ability to create gorgeous feminine style without the work. An essential tip is to make sure a square scarf is big enough to fold in half and still tie a knot or bow around your head. More detailed ideas like using long narrow scarves for tying elaborate bows that accent the shape of your hairstyle will help even the most style-challenged be all hip and happy.

Jaw Clip: For casual occasions this is a great way to quickly style hair away from the face, yet retain femininity in your look. Closely spaced teeth on a jaw clip are suited to finer hair types, while wider spaced teeth are suited to long and thick hair. Brush hair back into a ponytail, grasp in the hand, twist, lift, and secure with jaw clip for an easy and effective way to look elegant and sexy.

Ornamental Bobby Pins: Traditionally bobby pins are plain and designed to hold the hair in place, while being invisible or barely there. But with an increasing market for decorated bobby pins that add style and class, now you can place these ornamental pins to hold the structure of a style in place whilst elevating your look into the decorated and ornate.

The Hair Stick: A hair stick can be as simple as a pencil or chopstick or as elaborate as a bejeweled and beaded hand-crafted skewer. But they all have the power to create a marvelous adornment to your hair and style. Look for hair-friendly sticks with sharp points for easy insertion; wooden sticks should be sanded down perfectly smooth (to avoid snagging); plastic sticks should be sturdy (to avoid snapping); and beaded dangles should be used with care (as they can catch on the hair).

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