This warm butternut tone with hints of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg is as tasty as a Thanksgiving pie. Just like the perfect blend of warm seasonings, this color is a perfect balance, bright but natural, neither strawberry nor auburn. Neutral makeup looks beautiful with this sultry shade, especially if you have contrasting blue or green eyes. Click through the style notes for tips on achieving luscious pumpkin.

Step: Picking the perfect tone of red is a tricky thing. If you’ve ever gone shopping with a girlfriend for lipstick you’ve probably seen that a hue that is beautiful on you can look garish on her. Consult with your colorist about your perfect tone. Try swatches against your skin, and look for pictures of women with similar skin tone and eye color.

Step: If it’s your first time going red, try a semi or demi-permanent color which will allow you to experience the full intensity of your selected shade without the commitment of permanent color.

Step: Once you’ve achieved the perfect tone, don’t over wash it. Reds fade faster than other colors; use dry shampoo to extend time between washings. When you do shampoo, use color save to preserve the hue.

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