fine hair

Light and delicate, fine hair can look almost angelic. But it can also be frustrating because it’s prone to being limp, falling flat, and failing to hold styles from day to night. The right product combinations and styling techniques are the key to making fine locks look thicker and fuller, while staying vibrant all day and all night. To get our tips on how to easily achieve luxurious hair full of body and volume, click style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart 

The Best Styles 

Fine hair will look flat and deflated if length is too long. Cuts should be soft and have lots of layers to boost volume and body. Think short choppy bobs or pixie cuts. Anything around chin length works well. Ask your stylist to razor cut your hair to add in more movement and texture to your strands.

The Right Products 

Hair products not made for fine hair will weigh you down. Daily Shampoo and Conditioner are lightweight and will leave fine hair silky and balanced. When conditioning, only apply product to mid-lengths and ends, avoid the roots or hair will be too heavy. Use styling products that are a foam or whip consistency –– they’re easier to apply where volume is needed: at the roots. Volume Foam and Styling Whip are a great cocktail for fine hair due to their light texture and ability to create lift and body with lots of shine.

Easy Styling Techniques 

Towel dry until hair is slightly damp and apply small amounts of volume foam (cocktail with styling whip for more moisture and shine). Blowdry hair with a round brush for a polished style or fingers for a looser look. Lift hair off the root to create ‘root lift.’. Avoid excessive heat styling with irons and wands. Fine hair is fragile and is especially prone to heat damage. You can also use a dab of hair cream or cream wax for additional definition or to get a piece-y look.


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