Everyone loves a fishtail! So we wanted to show how to make it beatnik and beautiful. Luckily, Flashes of Style fashion blogger, Bonnie Barton, swooshed into town. Her vintage and feminine style is perfect for a decorative entwine and she kindly agreed to help us display how easy it is to recreate this romantic look at home.

1.  Gather a thick strand of hair from the right side of the head and start twisting it to the back.

2.  Twist the strand down and over itself.

3.  Pin the twisted strand in place.

4.  Use an elastic to secure the strand.

5.  To prepare for the braid, make sure all other hair is on the left side.

6.  Part the hair into two even sections. This means adding some hair to the twisted strand in order to create one of the sections.

7.  Separate one small strand from the right section.

8.  Cross this strand over and bring it to the left section.

9.  Separate a small strand from the left section.

10.  Cross it over to the right section.

11.  Repeat steps 7-10 and continue to create the fishtail.

12.  Tug at the edges if you want to create a looser look.

13.  Continue fishtailing until you reach the bottom.

14.  Secure with an elastic.


A huge thank you to Bonnie Barton from Flashes of Style  for being our beautiful muse 

And a huge thank you to Rae for being our on hand professional 

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