In the world of beauty, one of the terms most often googled is “how do I make my hair grow faster, stronger, thicker, longer”; and the variations thereof. For centuries, this has given rise to a fabulous array of snake oils. Rather than falling for their charms, eat the foods that encourage healthy hair and scalp, and you can naturally promote growth. Find five delicious foods with all the ingredients to make your hair a picture of health in the notes.

1) Almonds: Rich in biotin, an essential component of cell growth, almond extract and/or oil is found in many cosmetic products because it is known to strengthen nails and hair. Snack on a handful a day to help hair grow faster and thicker.


2) Carrots & Carrot Juice: The king of beta carotene, carrots aren’t just for seeing in the dark, they are known to promote hair growth.


3) Oysters: If your beau hasn’t taken you for oysters recently, remind him that Zinc deficiency is regarded as a primary cause of hair loss and poor scalp conditions and that oysters are loaded with zinc. (Don’t forget to mention that his hair has been looking a little anorexic lately.)


4) Salmon: Vitamin D, protein, omega-3 fatty acids are all known to strengthen hair by keeping the scalp healthy and happy. A happy scalp makes more hair. Salmon is packed with all three of these hair-raising ingredients.


5) Yellow Peppers: Yellow bell peppers have over five times more vitamin C than oranges. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens the hair strand and the follicles, which helps to prevents breakage. Stuffed pepper, anyone?

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