This hip but classy updo is the perfect combination of soft and hard. A runway-inspired style, a five strand braided Mohawk, compared to a more typical three strand version, puts extra visual interest into the texture, keeping people guessing as to how the style was made. The sleek sides with a tough top make it ideal for a down and dirty nighttime occasion. Created by Cheryl Fazio, master stylist at ARROJO NYC, click style notes for her tips on achieving a similar style. 

Step 1: Towel dry hair to damp. Use a comb to create a separated top section, with two even sides. 

Step 2: Apply texture paste to sides to keep them smooth. Use a little dry shampoo to add grip and grit to the top. Comb sides through to the back.

Step 3: Now go to the top section and create a five strand mohawk braid. Pull the back into a loose bun or twist and secure with bobby pins.

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